07 July, 2011

Come away with me


I am really excited as i got done with my Thesis last week and so much of my muting and restless spirit has ended up in having some gala time.  Got some friendly time ( is that a term in dictionary, go figure!!!) and got to see my old friends on a lovely island. Ahaa, was that a treat to myself for the hard work i put to get the master's thesis? may be. Not that i do not have things that concern my wandering thoughts but i will still pass for the moment to post here. Just to mention a few would be a) How is God suppose to bless america with gay marriages being legalized?   b) Can we not have bright summers without the scorching heat? c) Bear attacking a man captures the pen of yahoo bloggers, imagine if such news were to be reported for the vice versa, how many pages would be filled every hour? and more blah, blah, blah...  So, back to travelling, I love it.

Travelling is fun and thrilling. I remember keeping a logbook while travelling to capture the sights and experiences i go through the trips. Not to mention, writing short descriptions on developed pics was other activity i cherished (Yes, i am talking of those olden days of cameras with films). Looking back at those in retrospect  is a joy indeed (*conditions apply*), that is if i am lucky enough to find those in my reservoir and if they managed to stay out of my mom's throwy (again, go figure  :)) hands. Travelling is fun and specially this time of the year, its summer :)). I remember the summer holidays in India, where the only destination would be mama's (maternal uncle's) house.  Got couple of trips planned, how far would they meet the destination, depends highly on the dimes in my pocket ;) Someone reading this can surely contribute to the noble cause, if you please ( in case you are considering, i just take bills above $10, demanding? I know, but got to do!!!) .

So far, I have been been to  4 countries: 14 states in India, 21 states of  USA, rest i don't have count. That reminds me, relocating to a different state in near future is something on my plans too. Well, till i get some peek a boo to the outside world (beyond my lab, school and home) i have a picture for you guys. Its a pic i took last weekend (Btw, it was 4th July weekend, one of the days in usa to see fireworks :)) on my way to Cleveland. Found it quite amusing. Lets see, if the tiny miny # of followers can catch the amusement here. Do let me know about your thoughts. I will post mine in next post. Why not here?  Because sequels are trend these days and got a live to the mark ;)) In better words, I am inspired by the American movie makers. Hint, hint too much into movies these days :P.

PS: If you noticed the numbers in 4, 14 and 21 ( they follow the sequence 3, 4, 5 :  2+1 = 3, 4+0= 4, 1+4 = 5,) just a numerology jargon ;) !!!

Note: For the words i asked to go figure, even google would be searching for it, so give up. :)) Blame it on my  enriched vocab :P


  1. Dishita,

    Congratulations on completing the thesis. Travelling is not only fun but it also makes one have more open mind. I can vouch for that. Do share your account of places you have visited, in India as well abroad. I agree if it was man who attacked bear it would not have made any news. Gay marriages, well, each to his or her own.

    Take care

  2. Enriched vocab indeed. :-)

    Congrats on the thesis. Do you have to defend it? If yes then good luck to you.

    Traveling is fun isn't it? I keep a journal while traveling myself. Makes for an interesting read later on in life. True story.

    And boy, those are LOTS of States in the US. Lucky bum.

    Good luck with the relocating.

  3. @Jack : Thank you. Account on places, hmm, will try to pen down someday, i doubt i have that knack to describe the beauty of what i see. I just enjoy seeing it and feeling.

    @Zeba: yes, i actually did defend my thesis :). Traveling is surely fun but makes my bum 2ce, 3ce happy when it is sponsored ;) which normally is in my case. Courtesy to my oldies and parents relational bonds :P due to the last name as Patel in USA :P :P *hiding my face*
    (somethings are like extra bunch of coriander you get with veggies;) you see)

    BTW,none of you had anything to say about the pic? shoooooo.

  4. Lucky bum you!

    I looked at the picture. Then I read the PS. I saw numbers. And then I ran in the opposite direction. :-)

  5. how are you?

    Write for children, get the encouragements you deserve!

    visit us, submit any thoughts fall out of your mind based on short story slam week 5 image prompt,, and share to get inspired and to inspire.

    bless your creativity.
    your talent rocks.

  6. @bluebell: I am doing great. I would love to write it. On my to do lists.
    Thanks for the visit and info.


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