26 June, 2011

With love

W for what?
PS: posted for ABC Wednesday

What is it about you that makes me revisit fairytale in bright daylight with wide open eyes,
What is it about you that makes me smile when you cross my thoughts.
What is it about you that makes me long for you the first thing in morning at times,
What is it  about you that makes me fly on cloud nine to receive your call at unexpected times,
What is it about you that i call you by different names,
What is it about you that i crossed the societal norms,
What is about you that makes me want to be at the receiving end,
What is it about you that makes me feel i own you though i lost you ages ago,


  1. Nice read!
    And specially the last line.. :)

    Hey thanks a lot for visiting my blog and following it too.. :) :)

  2. @solitary writer: One way to escape the turmoils in your core is to ask questions for which you don;t have answers ;)

    @Vinati: Glad to be your follower, keep up the good work. Learning is always mutual.

  3. Dishita! You make me happy. I am kinda sure that you are the only one who actually reads me. :-)

    And the questions. I am always asking myself the same. More often that I did like to admit. But nice to see them all framed and posted. Puts a lot of things in perspective for me.

  4. Zeba: Your comment made me happy too. "I read you"- hahahaa. Well, atleast i can read someone if not myself, i will take that as an accomplishment for the day "winks".

  5. Dishita,

    Read three posts now. Enjoyed the comic and Plead 1 the most. So factual, isn't it? Not being IT person, it buzzed by me. This one shows depth of love but last line shook me up.

    Take care

  6. Jack,
    Yep, it is more actual than factual ;). Life is about unexpected, a mere post should not shake you.

  7. Raam Pyari: :) thank you. Happy travelling.

  8. Love, love and love.. oolalala.. :)

    Weakest link:)

  9. Hi Dishita,

    Its wonderful. Really good one..!!!

  10. The last line said more than the whole post. Lovely :)

  11. @Sourav: omg! the love boy likes it! Made my weekend. thank you.


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