19 July, 2011


They say "Necessity is mother of inventions" but in recent times with the abundance that we are surrounded, necessity is out of question/answer. In fact, the step sister of Necessity, the Scarcity takes the vital role today.
Very example is the very old and famous Apple. A is for apple! Adam pursued it and we are still behind it, in this age. Sigh! It reminds me of   Raju Srivastav's joke on progression ;))
So again, i related Apple here because question remains the same, do we need those products??? Necessity was left behind the doors ages ago. I bet 7 out of 10 people who possess these apple products donot know the functions of it. Again applies to any new device, not necessarily apple. There is a Gujarati proverb, "Bole aena bor vhechai" ( meaning: one who speaks will sell good).

Recently, I came across this Article barack-obama-is-officially-the-baby-whisperer. Really!!! 
Same is the case when yahoo or other news channels  reports similar Y lead to X crap. Sadly, it is not the case. I was taught in statistics class, correlation is a gimmick used by media to elude people.  But as they say, show some reasoning to dumb assess and even a bummer can be a prince!!!

Coming back to media who misleads the Janta (public) by misusing the correlation statistic;  please, please revise your lessons. I can correlate Govinda and Hrithik's( those are bollywood actors) dance movements but that does not necessarily prove they have the same skill sets and so to say anything in this damn world can be correlated, for "beauty belies in your eyes" ;)


  1. Thanks for sharing the link to the Article. I think that Obama need not a new term but Another baby? Just my two cents hehehe..

    Thank you so much for visiting and for the lovely comment.

  2. i don't know technology nearly as people think I do!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. Thought provoking post, for sure.

  4. Interesting post for Round 9 start up. Hope you have a happy week.

  5. Hey Dishita,

    Necessity is mother of all invention, but these days the requirement are not only base of invention. Invention went far ahead than the Necessity. So because of that people come across the products which are unnecessary but making there life more simpler. I totally agree with you that i have seen many stupid around me who buys such products even though they don't know how to use it. one of my post on the similar side.. http://dishantparikh.blogspot.com/2011/04/necessity-and-act-of-adapting-new.html

    About Correlation, i heard in one session that our sub conscious mind relates many things with its own storage. So if it founds correlation, there are very high chances that we get attraction or consider it to buy such things.

  6. You make some astute comments about our world, Dishita! Glad you are an advocate for accuracy and reflection!
    ABC Team

  7. Great choices for A and very interesting post!

  8. @chubskulit,roger, paula, carver, beverly: thanks for dropping by.

    @helenmac: I observe the last three letters of your name and my eyebrows begin opposing the gravity. :))Dropped my 1cent at yr place too.

    @dishant: Your version sounds funny in retrospect. I am forced to buy what you heard at session.

  9. very interesting....thanks for sharing and for dropping by!

  10. Dishita,

    I really liked to example of step sister. Also what you say about media is so true.

    Take care

  11. i am loving your write ups...well said

  12. @solitary writer: Glad you like them.


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