16 July, 2011

A right to copy but copy a right thing

We are in 2011 and Begging and Borrowing is out of question. So STEAL.
Yes i mean it, steal, copy, loot.
So, this is the post i mentioned for copyrights in my previous post.
Recently, on my spree of blog shopping (my enriched vocab ;)) I came across lots of blogs with copyrights and plagiarism bans on them.
Some have gone to the extreme of threatening the readers of the blog, saying "if you take anything from this blog you will be hunt down and legal actions will be followed".
            My take on that: Yeah right!!!! How about i never write it but keep making money giving speeches which will never make it to web?
Some are kind enough to put it as a request.

My question is why????

1. You are writing a blog not a  personal diary, so obviously you wanted to share your opinions, now what difference would it make if the person referred your post or not??
2. If you don't agree to point 1 and say i just wanted to publicize my view, darn, revise your definition.
3. Yes, i would give it if you are the "writer" who makes living out of these blogs, you have very right to protect the copies. I would not kick your ass for that.
4. If you are not on point 3, I give a damn to your warnings. 
Remember, your mother asked you not to pick nose in public, not be friendly with random girls/boys, not to overeat candies, not to watch pirated stuff. How much of it did you follow? 
Anu malik, Himesh, Indian serial makers, and endless lists have done so, go hang them first. 
Again human psyche is such that it would do whatever it is asked not to do. This is called "Risk" by the way ;)
I remember a badge saying " Everything I learnt in life was from Banned books"
5. I am declaring here, unless you have anything substantial and valid reason for me not to pass your ideas further, i will reiterate those. It is not a academic or technical information, common. 
If it is, go scribble on your walls and diaries or better frame it in  gold and put it in a black Jewel box like your grandma did. 
If the www prefix is attached to your blog post/picture or w/e, you shall understand it means you are are authorizing  Whatever  you put on web  full access to Whosoever  irrespective of Wherever they may be. 
6. And if you were that smart,you could have endorsed your name or logo on those possessions, created flash of pics, tied with copyright sites or avoided copying those by any trick. There are few smart asses who have all that time for that too. Again, that means you are more into being a secretive Lucy/Bond than conveying your creativity. 
7. Above all, why hide if your idea is worth sharing? Even if people use it, it means they liked it and are doing free publicity of your idea. Have some faith in "What goes around comes back".
 Its Your idea and though they may have a momentary fame of claiming it to be theirs, they can't reproduce the same creativity .
 Remember the parable where a crow attached a peacock feather to be considered as peacock,but ends up being neither a crow or peacock.
8. You are THE ONE. No one can take away the YOU from yourself.  
As energy, Talents can never be created, transformed  nor can be copied or plagiarized, Period!!!

So, anyone who is reading this, be least bothered. If you feel like sharing this or whatever i post on my blog, you are most welcome to do so ;)
 Please don't give the shit of plagiarism, i had enough of it for my academic integrity courses and BTW, none of the above is plagiarized :)), its solely mine.
Enough said.
Cheers, now get to looting, kahin moka haath se na chala jaye.

PS:  People who find  their content is plagiarized on my posts may redirect their complains at http://www.google.com/blogger_dmca.html. 
BTW, that's one of the blogger policy in case you ever bothered to read it (*faints*)


  1. My first visit here and I feel so SAFE and at home! :D

    I don't know if you remember there was a time, when it was declared that all bloggers should now follow some specific (retarded) guidelines; and the whole blogging world went gaga over it! The government just wanted to remind celebs to keep their empty whistles in check; but talk to people - they all assumed themselves to be some celeb, and were even planning for a candle march and anna re-do..okay I exaggerated, most of them just wrote a post (read:documentary) on their blogs against it! :P

    Superb blog, Dishita. Keep ass-kicking :D

  2. @sourav: Nope I wasn't aware of it, yet a beginner in blogging world. Anna-re do , hehehe. thanks for your visit and feedback.

  3. Dishita,

    I agree with you here. If I do not want to let others spread what I say then I may as well keep it a secret in my heart or diary. And this is not a commercial venture.

    Take care

  4. @Jack: glad we are on same page.


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