25 August, 2011

Is it just me?

Have you ever felt the sweat rolling down your cheeks in the middle of an air conditioned theater, suddenly you are all anxious, excited and thrilled, biting the popcorn dipped fingers, and your chin can almost touch your knees. Oh no, its not a climax scene in an action movie, or the twist in the story.
Its one the moments where you feel, Geez! what am i doing here? Is this why i paid $$$? where is that song/scene/actor that they showed in the trailer?

Or lets say,you are waiting for "the call" you name it interview, special someone, prize winning lottery, blah,blah, blah, and you are so into the thoughts of that call that you practically hallucinate the phone ring and when you actually get "the call" and your phone actually rings, you just tell yourself, ahh, this thing is getting over me and you just miss the most awaited call thinking its hallucination.

Me: Have you been there?
Brain bubble: oh, where?
Me: I mean, have you ever felt this way?
Brain bubble: Oh, which way, what way?
Me:You know, it was just one of those days.
Brain bubble: Rolling eyes.


  1. "What just happened?" - My brain bubble.

    "Shut up. Let's try to understand what's happening here" - Me


  2. Happens every time when my results are out :p

  3. All geminine(i am also geminine) are suffering from such problem...

    Just saw your profile page, better you take some job... :) empty mind leads you sometime in wrong direction.

  4. Dishant: so I am not alone,
    here: ))
    Heard of the phrse " searching for a job is a full time job" and that's where I m.
    Don't tell me you don't empty yr glass before refilling it:;)
    Glad u stopped by.

  5. I passed by to see if you have updated. And you haven't. Now I am leaving disappointed. :(

  6. Thats no excuse :p
    Comeon! update!

  7. L2C,

    LOL, Anxiety does that.

    Take care

  8. Jack: Looks, like it my lucky day to see your comments flooding my posts. No wonder, i missed you. :)

  9. oh!happens wid me all tym!:P
    am a lost soul:P


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