05 September, 2011

A trip to the mall

Its been 18 hrs that we have been out of power.
Well, it may sound like I am making
A fuss of it, but hell ya it is.
Imagine, surviving without the commodities of 21st century,
Internet, hot water, microwave, refrigerator, for 18 hours.
 If there is a term called momentary paralysis in medical world,
Then, I would say, I have been paralyzed since 18 hours.
And same is the case with my WiFi Generation,
Who feel paralyzed without internet.
Seriously, what do you do in such times?
Trekking and travelling sounds fun but at this moment
I need the damn internet to book my tickets too.
Wonder, how caveman managed to live.
But, I am sure if he was given a golden chance
 to be in the 21st century of gadgets,
He would not go back either.
So, why do we have power outrage?
Well, Aunt Irene had to be reflected in some form, if not in disaster.
And trust me, if any one, any one at all, who has benefited from this
Are the Malls, coffee shops and any dining places which offer free Wifi.
As these are the only places where you can feel
that life had never been busy before this.
As if, God had invented a whole new world.
So, I resorted to take rescue in a nearby mall.
Don’t they say, destiny brings you where you avoid the most
Yes, I hate going to malls. Totally, against the concept of malls,
Why do we need so many options for a damn shirt?
But to my fate, I had to take shelter there today.
I was bit hesitant to avail the wifi services and pop my 15” lappy out,
But to my surprise I wasn’t the only one who had resorted to this path.
The curiosity to find a charging point on the faces of shelter seekers
was no less than a kid playing treasure hunt.
Seeing the giggling faces at the WiFi spot, felt like home.
At this moment i couldn't agree less to George Carlin on guilt trip:

"Guilt Trips: Don't take guilt trips. Take a trip to the mall, even to the next county; to a foreign country but NOT to where the guilt is."

PS:  We were out of power last week due to Irene and hence this post.
I guess , I was too overwhelmed to see the internet bubble turning blue on my screen that I stopped noting down things..
Zeba, XYZ and others, do bear with my temporary lag  of posting  due to travel and job search but keep posting yours :) 


  1. You seem to have suffered through a lot. But you have no idea how relived I'm to know that you are doing just fine and everything is in control with you. Temporary lag of posting is being allowed, but only grudgingly. :) Back soon? And do enjoy your traveling. Lots of pictures?? *hopeful smile*

  2. Appreciate your kindness Zeba :), yep, i am back, just a long weekend trip. Pictures surely, some time soon. I wish i cud script the pictures like you.

  3. L2C,

    It becomes so difficult to live without what one is so used to. Then we look for ways to have it. Malls are not bad after all, isn't it?

    Take care


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