14 August, 2011

What does it take to be an Indian?

While blog shopping, I tumbled upon   Important aspect in Current Economic Conditions in India. I know its forwarded email, might have already made it in your mailbox but the thing that striked me was the line " BUY Indian BE Indian"

My interpretations to this line are as follows:

1.  "To Buy an Indian, Be in India".
A slight variation  along the line "buy one get rest of the community 50% off". Yes, wherever we go, we need community. Indian this and that. Often times when you enter a community in metro cities abroad, you really need to wait for change of sight. You will hear the phrase, yaar "aakh sakne ke liye koi toh gori/gora chaiye" and same people will insist on staying in a community with similar caste/nationality for the sake of so called " healthy upbringing of children" or ask for group discounts at local gyms.  No wonder, they strike the good deal with local stores, after all mutual benefit is the key to business.

2. "By Indian, be Indian"
So far as my experiences staying in usa goes, i have felt this line very strongly or made to think so by people's behavior. Very common sigh heard is " yaar, i miss those things I used to have in india and the same people would tell a FOB you are in america, get used to it.  Amazingly, every other indian origin person here feels the other indian is "Desi". The definition of desi relates to not following laws at traffic signs, scarring people in public places by yelling out names, trying to bargain prices at indian grocery stores ( can range from 1cent coriander to buying rotten tomatoes or chillies), dating a blonde/black woman for green card (if anyone has come across "green" one please send me a notarized pic, you will be given compensation ), drooling over half naked girls, coming late at appointments, and endless things. In short, the term "Desi" is tagged to anything irritating and annoying when you are not in other person's shoe ;) With this varied pun and irony in day to day life, we still find amusement in satirical fictions or comics.

3.  Last but not the least. "Bye India, be Indian"
 Alteast being on the other side of India, I can truly, deeply and politically say this. Or I would  negate my existence in the so called "land of patels" [Let's not go who said it to whom, alteast i am out of high school ;)] And the very immigrants like me (yes its a strong word, i am making a strong point here ;)) will post things about indian economy, india is great and blah blah... . My question to them is what basis do you believe you are indian or have the right to talk about what's going in india, when you  left India for chasing dreams in other country? How many indians still like to be in india, given a choice, Raise your hand (okay, yours does not count !!!)
 If you are one of those species, you need a tap on shoulder, Kudos to you!

Enough said, "Vande Matram" is being played on my MP3 ;) 
Oh common! (Its independce day after all)
Satire was the theme, how come you missed it? Too bad, scroll up again. :))


  1. Dishita,

    Caught up with all pending posts. Haiku were so good and the sweets shown in temptation was really tempting. Nice to know so much more about you. Dancing orchids really looked what you told. On this one, one needs to adapt to society to which one chooses to shift to. At heart one may still retain links with birthplace but adjustment in new environments is must to happily settle down.

    Take care

  2. Indians have weapons of mass reproduction and not mass destruction..
    We shall conquer the world..
    Jai Hind! :p

  3. @priyanka: glad you picked it.
    @Jack: Agreed, but i am against the hypocracy ppl reflect.
    @xyz: I know, hahhaa.


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