09 December, 2011

Hips don't lie

For people following me, I have moved to Alabama. As the state slogan goes: Share the wonder.
I would share with you my most recent morning ritual.
I did not realize the importance of  toned hips
until recently when I started evaluating  pitchers as part of my internship.
As i look at their perfectly toned butts, I recall the morning ritual of fitting in the those skinny jeans, for hip's don't lie.
And, while you read it , yours is already aching, for hip's don't lie.  

Screw You, skinny Jeans!
O baby,
There are times
When I see you perfectly curved,
There times,
I see your  hourglass shape,
and then baby,
There times,
I see why  the term amorphousness was coined.
For Hips don't lie.
The curviness tells me you worked on its maintenance,
the hourglass tells me you are working on firming them,
 and the amorphousness tells me you have mastered the art of laziness.


  1. :D some people are natural at that :D

  2. THIS is a wonderful post. Also, I learned a new word! You are in advertising? :-O I am having a little difficulty in fitting my my skinny jeans again. I am blaming home food!

  3. richa: I am not sure which part you meant but ya i agree, some things need to be worked on.

    zeba: nope, am an engineer. Home food is surely an enemy of skinny jeans.

  4. :D You take something as mundane as skinny jeans and come up with this? Kudos:)

  5. L2C,

    So true. One can never hide out of shape hips except may be in loose & flowing robes.

    Take care

  6. keep sharing the wonder :P
    looking forward to

    and remove the word verification pls. it sucks! :(
    i just don't get the word correct. I am a retard when it comes to copying :D

  7. peevee: thanks
    Jack: true.
    mani: surely. You need to update your space too, been a while you wrote something i can read. man! should i tell you, you copied all the words correctly all the four times :P

  8. *Thinks of bring a jerk and going on and on with the word verification :(

    dies of embarrassment , tries to cook sum reason to not sound like one*

    actually I was half asleep yesterday night, so u know :P

    P.s. - I have updated my space.... ;)
    check !


  9. Mani: :) word verification is fun re. Just pen down few words and you can make a new story for yr status updates, i swear.
    Ahh i enjoyed yr updated post :), i wish you wrote more frequently.


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