16 December, 2011

some uuh, huh, ohh

Lately, I am having nightmares and Its 2.22 am in my clock.
(2+2+2 = ? , :)) )

Such a reiteration of a useless number 2.
2 would be second choice, second hand, and anything degrading, and not something you would have at the first time, given a choice.
Brain Bubble:  uuhh?
 2 could be tu, to, too. 
Now, that's exicitng, adds value to life in many ways and in all right places, if you will.
Brain bubble: huh?

 It could mean, i am just bored to notice the hands in clock going around.
Seriously, who has the time to watch the clock unless they are bored. 
No Kidding, think of it, when was the last time you checked time in your clock while you were productive or busy?
Brain Bubble: ohhh 

 In context to i have my days: I take the due liberty to have my time of the day :)
 One such time is 5:23, I call it my birth moment (PS : my bday is on 5/23).
I take the due liberty to liberate myself of any task at hand for that moment until the clock strikes 5:24 :)


  1. 2 can also be thought of to be the perfect no.!
    while 1 is being lonely, 3 people together is crowd !2 is company :)

    I too take random breaks when I am studying (which rarely happens in itself), Its like If I have a exam at 9:30 AM, and the time is 9:20 PM , I would wait for ten minutes to start studying, as it wuld mean exact 12 hours :D before the exam.

  2. mani: exams can surely wait, 12hrs is a well rounded time to begin with :)

  3. No, not true. I have A LOT to study yet I keep looking at the clock. Is it normal? :P

  4. vinati: amt of study is directly proportional to amt of time you spent doing everything but studying :P So that's an exception ;)

  5. vinati: and yes, pat on your back, that is 100% normal.

  6. I love the way you think!!
    I'd rather eat two jalebis than one :P

    I look at the clock all the time!
    Clocks actually. while im studying, while im getting ready for college, while im counting the minutes till my hindi serial 'sasuraal genda phool' starts, all the time :P

    @birth moment, awesome!
    But is that much time enough? :P

  7. well...when you are busy time flies like anything...cz you are busy engrossed with some work and suddenly when you look at the watch..its like omg my shift gets over and look i have already worked for 5 hours without any break and its time to go now...bt any how you have to complete the work and u stretch :D

    and yey you are 6 months older to me.. :D

    mine 11:24 :P :P

  8. @harini: Welcome, glad you liked it.
    Its never too short to enjoy a moment of yours :)

    @sw: Is there a name i can address you with? yay 6mths is a hell lot of time re, i can already see the cane stick :P.

  9. L2C,

    It can also be 2X2X2= 8 which I am told is considered auspicious. A nice way to remember birthdate.

    Take care

  10. man.. this is kind of crazy..!! everyday at 5:23 you take the liberty out of anything you are doing and feeling happiness for that moment..??

    Just curious.. was that 5:23 AM or 5:23 PM...:D :P ??

  11. Did you see the last post of 2011 on my blog? You must. Something awaits you friend! :)

  12. Jack: yep, i feel 2 is useless # too.

    dishant: yup, its the special moment to cherish :)
    AM/PM just depends which one entices me, mostly its pm since i am active during that phase.

  13. Ooooh numbers. They confuse me though. :-(

  14. Good post. I appreciate your work. Thank you for sharing.


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