30 January, 2012

Stars, I adored you until today...

This morning
I saw Stars in my eyes
When your name lit up my cellphone screen.

Once, a cosmic influence
Laid me in your hands,
You rocked my little world
Star-ed like an epitome
Of  Courage and hope.

Today one such cosmic influence,
I saw you empowered by Stars.
Leaves me wondering,
What happened to my RockStar?


Chasing Dreams,
Being a Star
Call it Aspiration.

Penetrating darkness,
A tinkling Star
Call it Savior.

Pressing Times,
Sought a Planetary Star,
Call it Guidance or Myth?



  1. Call it guidance not myth. ^_^

    Beautiful post!!

  2. this is too good.. :P :P who was it :P

  3. Vinati: I wish it was guidance but its nothing more than myth. Thanks.

    SW: :) Tags might help.


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