29 September, 2011


Ever wondered :
Why “we” is spelled as W-E instead of V-(E) {as the british would like to spell it}?
How the phrase U and I came into existence?

If I were a mystery or fiction writer who is keen on killing the Kurious Kats, (“the K effect”, btw it’s a good tongue twister, try it) the title of this post would have been: Would the computer geek trust the keys under his fingers or feelings in heart?

Imagine a computer geek thinking of proposing his girl friend and thinking in the typical "she loves me/ loves me not" scenario. But instead of flower, he uses his keyboard. So begins with,
U and I are yada yada yada .....
and due to low self esteem smirks under the pretext of Just kidding
And on seeing the blank look on the girl's face thinks to himself you know what, Never Mind.

Observe the changes as you write these words on your keyboard
You and I (U and I appear on 1st row of alphabetic keys)
 Just Kidding ((J and K appear on 2nd row of alphabetic keys)
Never Mind (N and M appear on 3rd row of alphabetic keys)

If you notice your keyboard, you will find U and I next to each other.   But, right below U & I, you will see JK next to each other ;)  So, ergonomically the U and I is not supported even on keyboard 

This is how the keyboard responds to a computer geek J and then people blame them for being introvert ;) sigh!!!  Isn’t there a saying “ Don’t count your chick(-ens) before they ^(say)^  ha(-tch)” ,  Just a .^) ;)

Just in case you are one of the people who follows dinner etiquettes for placement, you will be surprised to see the keyboard behaves quite opposite. The regular norm of  the “b” and “d” (where, b refers to bread and d refers to drink) is reversed on keyboard as D comes before B both sequentially and in alignment.  One reason, I mentioned boozing for computer geeks ;) in one of my earlier posts.  My dad taught me knives and wives should be placed on right side, for the boss always wins. 
But the keyboard likes it the other way, observe the alignment of :
-1) letter Wife and Husband J
-2)  the symbol for side view .^) baffles me because if “)” is to be considered as side it would be right side view {sadly the keyboard opposes the left wing Democrat ;)}. So, on same context, would the rear side view be represented by ( ^v) ?   But wouldn’t that be upside down just  like our present state in USA?

Did you know, keyboard also favors girl on top position? I meant, notice the placement of GF and BF on keyboard (Dirty minds, ufff!) ;)

PS.1: Due to the abstract nature of this post, you might have to read twice before its makes some sense to you and even after that you don't get it then rem NM :) 
PS.2: the word "up-down ergonomics was coined from my enriched vocab, though individually they have a definite meaning.

ABC Wednesday theme: K


  1. You find patterns outta no where...Now I am looking at my keyboard a whole new level. :p

    About the computer geek proposing the girl based on 'chance', well I think they have got simpler algorithms for that.. ;)

    P.S: Girl(s) on top is a sexy position ;)

  2. xyz: now should i take that as a compliment that you are now introduced to your keyboard with a new perspective, hehhehe.

  3. L2C,

    Nice VELLA time research. LOL. But does have some sense, NM dirty mind. LOL.

    Take care

    PS : Caught up with all pending posts leaving comments from Cute Little Nothings onwards.

  4. Jack: thank you thank you, i am close to getting masters in Vellapa :))

    PS: I followed you since you left comment on cute little nothings, probably next time you should do marathon for responses to your comments too ;)

  5. Haha! A very smart post. Good presence of mind. I never noticed such patterns. :)
    And hey, I like the look of your blog. Really different! :)

  6. I've pondered the alphabet frequently. Q is pretty much unnecessary (KW will do the trick). C is redundant to both K and S.

    I never understood the logic of the QWERTY typewriter, which has some letters - op, fgh, jkl, together in order, and others, not so much.

  7. @vinati: I am glad to introduce to your keyboard now. :) . I am not sure of the look of the blog, thanks though.

    @Roger: Geez! qwerty, how did i miss that?

  8. I have wondered, but never researched, why the keyboard is laid out as it is. This post of yours was a fun read for a Sunday morning.

    I am both happy you usually enjoy my ABC entries and sorry to disappoint you with K. This week it was a case of time management plus "an image is worth a thousand words". :-)

  9. Try teaching the rules of grammer to children!!! There lies a few tales.
    Thanks so much
    Denise ABC Team

  10. @francisca: Waiting for the tales.

    @mrsnesbit: I can imagine that exercise.

    @carver: thank you.

  11. perfect entry for ABC...thanks for sharing...:)

  12. I liked the Girl On TOP part ;)


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