04 August, 2015


A lonely playmate 
 missing playful ring holds once 
 again the old  phone
Hello........ I said with a little hesitance in my voice.
Maamaa! Look, i am here ! came the words as i cleared my throat.

Maamaa: Where are you hiding? 
Maamaa,  oh please! come na, 
Come, trick me to pick the fake phone call,
So, when I say "Hello" with all my innocence. 
you lovingly hug me saying "peek a boo"!

છે ખેલ આ જૂનો,
 ફોન ઉપાડવાનો! 
 સમયે ખેલ્યો એવો 
 કે  દિઠું તમને 
આ ફોન ની ઘંતીડ્યો  માં!!

Do You realize, You took a part of me away with You?
For who else would understand:
The reason, i hold this phone today,
is nothing but my fruitless effort to get a glimpse of You......

NB:મામા એટલે બે માં ની મમતા પૂરી કરનાર 

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