18 January, 2016


Jab Nazara kuch aisa ho toh dil kyu na shyarana ho!
I am overwhelmed to see a perfect landscape unfurling before my eyes. 
As I sip my chai, 
rocking on the glider swing(yes, i bought it),
and overlooking the sun reflecting its rays on the trees through my window. 
Surely - we love the image we create of a person we like, than what they really are!

Maybe in coming days,
I might loose this sight or
not have luxury to sip this chai or
rock this swing.
But this very moment,
I am here,
and its all mine to cherish

How often do your wishes get granted ?
It is this moment, i have dreamt of living in the past couple of years.
Blessed and Thrilled-I am to live this moment of my imagination.

 जब मनचाही चीज़ को आँखों से खूब ताड़ लो, 
तोह उनके दिल के करीब जाके ,
उन्हें अपनापन महसूस कराना भी जरुरी होता हैं।।  

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