25 January, 2016


Howdy People!

Yet again, a new year has crept in before we can realize.
New goals, new us- how about better us this time?
It was full moon this weekend and full moon helps eliminating anything that prevents us from becoming our better selves. So, if you missed seeing it- least you could spend some time reflecting what's going on in your lives.

I have been pleasantly amused by events in my life.
Lots of travel.
Travel to places and people where I would like to belong.
Believe me or not, amidst clicking pictures of random birds, kayakers, building and outrageous selfies- I get lots of solitude time to reflect during my trips.
So, here it goes.
I often hear the expression: "If i had such sunny weather or time, I could be doing so many things"
My question is "have you ever really thought through those things"?
Wherever you are, I am sure, All of us have atleast one day of such perfect weather that
we absolutely think we would be thrilled to be.
So, do me a favor: next time you come across that day and time with perfect weather do all the things that would make your day a perfect one, to that point that it exhausts you at the end of day.
Next day, revisit all you did and see if that's what you wanted?
If so, remember to live to the fullest of every bit of that day whenever you get and remind yourself what all you are capable of enjoying, no matter where.
If not, what could you do to make it a memorable experience for you?
Is that experience really based on weather?
Find that experience and then find that trigger.

Hopefully, that shall help you feel better or live better or cherish better :)
Happy Exploring!

Love, Regards and lots of words,

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