02 August, 2011

"C"' connect + cut (C+X)

C is for Connecticut.
Yep, the state of constitution. The state which cuts you from ordinary life and helps you connect to your self (state slogan often used for vacation promotions).  So, its my new place of abode (for the people who read my  posts).  

PS: I cannot get over the pun in the pic. Didn't i mention travelling is fun?

C is for Children.
How hard is to connect with ourselves? Children’s world is fascianting and so wonderful. This is what comes to my mind when I watch Curious George and Caillou.

C is for Cycle.

Surely, as ABC team mentioned C is almost a circle, I believe it is definitely a circle. So, as I reached Conneticut my friend received me with the celebration balloons. Celebration is a cycle, which begins with music, cakes and then you worry about the calories and often use allergy medicine because every nibble of those nuts counts!!!

C is for Common Sense. 

Hell  No! Ladies have some mercy on your spine, when you adorn those spiky heels. Though they say moving outside the comfort zone is necessary for change, common sense is the word to be coined for caution.  Crunch your spine for the right purpose.

C is for Correct!
How difficult is it to make a correct choice? Often times we fail to choose the correct. I have the three C checklist for making a correct choice.

So, if you are conscious about what makes you comfortable and confident, there is no way you cannot be correct.

Did you like my C post?  Would love to see your comments. For more ABC posts check the link.
Cya, until then and ofcorse stay cool. 


  1. Oh my goodness. Is it for real? Has anyone from the Bush family seen it? (Just asking.)

  2. Good advice in this post! I love that Connecticut sign!
    My clocktower is in a town called Orangeville, NW of Toronto.

  3. The Connecticut bit was clever and different. Great post

    Pheno, ABC Wednesday

  4. @EG wow: I think so it is real. I am not sure of the second part though. As they say we have freedom of expression :P

    @Vilet sky-sightliness: thanks. clocktower was eye catching.

    @pheno: :) thanks for the visit.

  5. Wonderful. You got so many of them.

  6. I definitely love you Collection of Cs!

  7. totally agree about the high heels. they do look great, but i wouildn;t wear them!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  8. @roger: :)
    @nanka: glad to see you here.

  9. Great "c's" today! Really informative.

    I hope that you visit my Calm and Peaceful post.

  10. That Welcome to Connecticut sign was a genuine laugh out loud moment!

  11. @barbara, shooting parrots: glad you had fun.

  12. Hahaha..hw come Bush didn't see it as of yet :P :P
    Connecticut ...hmm i know it ..my
    American boss lives there...wonderful post Dishita

  13. We in NE have a wikkid sense of humor.

    Is the next sign the one that's been up forever apologizing for all the roads being under construction? Some of CT is quite beautiful. I hope you get to see all the good parts.

  14. @solitary writer: Even if he does, i don;t think so he can deny the fact :P, besides we have freedom of expression right?

    @Cheryl: you bet i the construction signboard appears out of no where, specially in ohio ( where i was earlier). I hope i have that time to witness the rest of CT.

  15. what a great post - love the sign - have seen it a few times, but it always makes me smile.


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