14 May, 2010

My Father

My Dearest Pappa,

Walking down the aisle of my memory lane,
I recollect you

             Waiting at school gate with candies,
                              so, I would attend my K.G. class.
             Learning new ways to make chart of alphabets,
                              so, I would memorize them.
             Teaching me Math and Grammar,
                               so, I would do my homework
             Bringing Ice-cream everyday during exams,
                               so, I would have a peace of mind.
                         Rebuking Mummy over bothering me
                                           so, I could have a short hair cut.
                         Walking ten different shops
                                          so, I could have my desired outfit.
                         Cheering me whenever I am doom
                                           so, I would regain my spirits
                         Adapting to the new technologies
                                          so, I could communicate at ease.
                        Emailing me the thoughts of wisdom
                                          so, I would not be baffled over life.
                        Lending a silent ear to all my debates
                                         so, I could convey my concerns.
                       Taking pride in every little achievement of mine
                                          so, I strive for the best.
Jotting down my bonding with you on this scrap of paper
would limit me to few moments that I have with you
Whereas my journey in this life would have not begin
had it not been Your hands to carry me!
Here, I pause not end
            for my relation with You is beyond words!

I recommend three lovely movies I cherish about father-child relation to everyone who is interested. You can find them on youtube with english subtitles.
Hindi: Waqt(2005)
Tamil: Abhiyum Naanum
Telugu: Bommarillu

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