17 August, 2010

My encounters with someone special

I would like to discuss My Encounters with the one which makes my world look just perfect. I tried to find some adjectives to personify its importance in my life but all I can say is it’s the one which makes my life crystal clear. I can say it has capability to turn shiny and dull, silky and rough, brittle and tough, distant and near, trendy and classic, symmetric and asymmetric, and looks best in monotonous colors but can camouflage. (well, go bang bang,  Yes I have been doing a lot of product description stalking on deals2buy and buy.com and so the phrase “what it can do”. )

I have this symbiotic relationship with it. Symbiotic because we have mutual give& take, it provides me ease and I provide it a platform to have limelight. (Is it too much scientific? what do you expect from a biomedical engineer???) In the morning, it helps me to differentiate that it’s the ink on the daily newspaper and not ants marching on white surface.  It tells me that I am looking at person standing foot away and not watching an actor in a blurry movie. It acts as my navigation guru from my bed to other areas I explore in daily life.

So back to my encounters, never realized how it has influenced my life so much.
           1.   I am sitting in my bathroom, wondering how all of a sudden the area near my eyes feels so rigid?
2.      Ignoring the rigidity, I splash some water over my eyes and to my surprise my eyes weren’t wet, did it again, still the same, half in sleep I try to open my eyes and there it was on my flat nose.
1.      One fine morning, I decide to dress up and was so puzzled as to what to wear but couldn’t differentiate which color would be best for the occasion, so I looked for my crystal clear ball, but to my surprise I couldn’t find it.
2.      The hunt began, after 10 mins of serious search, I find it hanging on my shirt (giggling at me) I think it said peek-a-boo!
1.      The other day I found its fraternal twin to making it feel jealous. To justify my move, I wanted it to realize my worth. (If you have been in love, you know we all play such tricks)
2.      In my madness of revenge I forgot to show a right room to the twin  and later when I needed  it i had to resort to the old one to fetch the new one.
1.      One fine evening, my friends decided to play badminton at night.(Wired, but that’s what we are, deal with it) My friend has one of its fraternal buddy too.
2.      Suddenly both of us are looking for a cork and after a minute position change of our corresponding sight-giving buddies, we find the cork right behind our legs.

So, these are few encounters I have had with my crystal ball and the aakho ka tara. 
They say love is blind, but my love for my soul searcher is just the opposite. I turn blind without him. 
I know many people around me prefer me without it but I believe they are just jealous of it getting my Wesome (naah its not a typo, i meant WE some) company.  I have to confess, I take it for granted for not giving it enough space at times offer it untidy ones, amidst the clothes, bags, over the counters, but it is the first thing in the morning I look for .

Wonder, how I would have finished this post without its help, had it not magnified the letters on my keyboard for me. Ohh! My Love, without you how would have the world acknowledge me with tittles as serious, padhaku, Chasmish!!!

P.S. You get a Hershey's candy if you can figure out what i am talking about!

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  1. Pritesh Patel - Baaap re Dish! Kitnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa likhti hai! Main toh..... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...............


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