18 August, 2010

Its a Girl Thing!

Ever heard of these phrases:

  1. Oww! Its so cute! ( He is cute! You look cute! blah blah blah blah is cute!!!)
  2. If the Question is meant to be Yes/No and the answer you get is Yes, wait a minute, No. Hmmm. may be, idk.
  3. I am not in mood (Does not matter what the task, or thing it is referred to)
  4. Wow! OMG! Amazing! (For a dog, doll, baby basically anything that is tiny, shiny, moving and cuddly.)
  5. Do you miss me? (moment of separation can be range from nanoseconds to minutes, rarely hours)
  6. Sentence begins with, Hey, you know what? and second one goes something like this: I don't like to Gossip!( But i am just saying that......)
  7. So, what do you think of my PINK (it can be anything from purse, clothing, shoe, you name it, trust me)
  8. You agree all of the above and you were constantly thinking of some girl all the while you read it.
Yes, I am talking about GIRLS. So, what if i just admitted it, surely I am a Girl too. Got my point?  Well, in case you are the one in my life, I just told you, I am gonna say those 7 golden phrases in my life, don't make fuss of it and learn to deal with it.(Even i find it funny, but you got to do what you ought to!!!)


Your 1cents will be minted on my hall of fame, so go ahead and mark your place.


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