27 April, 2011

Common public nuisance

Here comes the vent! If you can't take it, don't bother going further.

 Some people find a major achievement while doing this!. I can give liberality if you are in  this situation.
 But, look at this!  They say, main toh halka ho raha tha, I would say halkat ho rahe.
And the amazing thing is the same people claim having higher rationality than animals.

Now have a look at  this
No, no,  this ain't a art, it the very old chewing gum. 
I have spent quite reasonable amount of my precious time in this lifetime trying to this on public streets.
Just because some people  have found ways to making Money and Fame out of it does not give you the license of being irresponsible. 

Ladies: Unless you are in show biz or slut, this or that is a big NO! 
Gentleman:  Same thing applies for  if you like this or that as fashion.  
Save some dignity to others.

I just wanna let you know your mama ain't done a good job raising you if i see you doing this or worse if you do  that . Common! don't tell me your mama didn't teach you these.

Ya, i know its  gross and that's exactly i want to tell those fools around stop being ""Gross"".

P.S. The extensive use of this and that has made my English so versatile, imagine in my gujju accent ;)

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