05 May, 2011

Shit happens

Its one of those times when you just don't get it! With my recent experience with the best shipping career service "Fedex" I am left with similar bewilderment. Now seeing at the above pic you think its a joke! But trust me shit happens and  this is for real. I am baffled at the following:

  • First, I pay $18 for ground shipping just to our so called neighboring country, Canada ( Really??) You wouldn't consider a Canadian as international person, but hell ya if it is a parcel.
  • Chalo, time is of essence so i paid it. But, it delivered back to my address and fun part is i don't see the shipment except a door tag that was left at my door.  Leave about that, are you telling me the great Fedex needed three freaking days to send the same shipment to original address? Wow!!! I didn't knew fairborn was that big a city!
  • Next, endless waiting on 800-Fedex, i get to know i missed a custom's invoice, so my  question is how can I miss it when I have been to office for it. Ain't it  the attending  clerk's responsibility to make sure all documents were there? How do you expect me to know all the documentation for the shipping?
Amazing and they still haven't figured out where the shipment is. I guess it got wings somewhere in between.

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