20 May, 2011

Hyped day of 21st may

Here I am waiting every other day to get few extra hours or extra hands+brains to get done with my thesis project in few days. The propensity of me waiting to get the hours extended would be directly proportional with  the few believers of the "Judgement day".

First of all, what judgment are we gonna make? Moreover, who is gonna judge whom and for what?
Are we going to debate over Christ's crucifixion or gonna debate why sinful people still  breathe next to us each day? If that is the case, who doesn't commit sin? You stepping on earth is burden on mother earth, you farting is insulting the pure air,  blah, blah, more on that later.

Or its the day Christ is gonna be reborn and punish the evil doers. In that case, I would be in favor of this day.One because, i really would like to see a live god.  Just for a while, imagine what if the real Jesus looks different than the one shown to us tall, slim and handsome in white loose robes and long beard with the ever shining radiance over his head but looks pretty much like the guy next door. Ahh, then i have trillion $$ plan, just sue all those religious pundits and portrait artists who have eluded us with those characteristics. Two, if Christ is gonna take all the Christians away, what gadget is he gonna use? I can't count beyond three 0's, so i would be really excited to see the mega gadget which lifts all the christian folks. Its the real test of the those mythic serials depicting the arrival of soul. I get to sue those folks too, if it fails!! ( i can see $$$)

 If nothing works according the above plan, i get to laugh at those morons and celebrate my existence. I get to tell my grand kids the story of my immortal soul which survived the "Judgment Day".
I mean really??? You can't even predict the gender of your own child  while in womb without sonogram these days and you can predict the date of last day on earth. Which scientific calculator is that,( if u own one, pass on  to me, so i can earn $$$ predicting ppl's last day)?

So to keep it short, I am really waiting for tomorrow. Either i will be a millionaire or i would  become the immortal survivor.

P.S. People who bother to read my rattles, I can't promise Christ will be reborn, but i am sure of my birthday  on 23rd may. So, we have ample reasons to celebrate.

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