12 June, 2011

Kuch meetha ho jaye

Graduation Day!!!
Not just another Saturday,
where you get wild in party.
Feels like just any other day,
until you get to play.

a moment so intense,
a moment so nostalgic,
a moment worth holding,
a moment worth waiting.

As I fidget to get the tassel at right side,
Breathing harder to smile my best to be clicked in the black cloak,
Pretty much the same when i was asked to smile for the school ID on the first day,
The glaring lights remind me of the night's sleep forgone to achieve the sweet A's
A look at the guy sitting beside me, reminds me of the first day crush with blonde hair and blue eyes;
The valedictorian's speech reminds me of the times i goofed up on the presentation thinking if sneakers were okay to wear under the A-lined skirt,
Five years have passed and who knew, I would make it this far in this strange country?

In a crowd of thousands,
I am no super star.
But, dearest Mom and Dad
I swear , each time I turn around at your cheer and smile at you,
I can see the shine in your eyes outshining the glam around.

At times you just live the moments
Surely giving has more than taking.
Clasping hands of friends and  each one speaking, yes we have done it, is a surely overwhelming.
For no achievement is glorified unless you have a dear one to share it.


  1. Dishita,

    These are the memories which you will cherish throughout life.

    Take care

    PS : Left reply in my space too. Our granddaughter who was with me is also named Disheeta.

  2. Jack: yep, surely.
    Is it Disheeta or Dishitha?


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