07 June, 2011

The Music

 If you ask me what taste of music i have, I would say  I enjoy music from bappi lehri's Julie-Julie, altaf raja's_tum toh there pardeshi, 98degrees_i do cherish you etc etc etc. I don't post links for songs usually.
But, these are exceptionally profound, intrinsic and amorous. I doubt my adjectives would do justice to them and hence just enjoy their essence.

PS: I do not own any of these music, so if you have copyright issues with link, go sue youtube.
Nor, do i claim i am the first one to discover these, I have come across them while blog surfing.


  1. u like bappi lehri :O *faints*

    we members of shit for tat are quite busy these days :( that's why no post...thank u so much for visiting my blog n SFT... :) hoping to come up with a new post soon :D

  2. @mads: yep i do like it :) He is one interesting character.
    yes, plz come up with some post on sft.

  3. Dishita,

    First visit. Read current posts. Navigated to suggested link in Shoes and saw good pair of sandals. Rashee, how can daily / weekly / monthly or yearly predictions be applicable for so many persons under the same sign? And if you read carefully these cover almost all bases. Position of planets at the time and place of birth does have some influence on one's life. Those who know this science insist on exact time and place as they then check position of planets accordingly before saying anything. However most of them are now money minded. I always say music should be soothing as per the situation.

    Take care

  4. @jack: thaks for visiting. Yep, i am aware of the science behind astrology,the read was meant for fun. Nothing major.


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