04 June, 2011

Whats your rashee?

In our hectic lives , we all call out for peace. How dearly we wish to be welcomed by our dear ones on our return from work. Some how i get the same chills when i read Anita's Predictions.
 Step 1: Who has to time to greet you each day? I love this part.
 Step 2:  Is the drill necessary to get my daily horoscope? What the hell you mean am i sure? Why would i have clicked you had i not wished to look for some feel good wishes from you. 
Step 3: So, now i have the enriched horoscope. I am not sure how many of you use this app on fb. But,  according to her, i would meet my dream guy everyday. Now, that is what i need.;) So easy and simple to elude morons like me around this world. Wonder how many girls keep waiting for the prince charming on the white horse.

Step 1

Step 2
Step 3

Now that easy. But i bet if you are into gloomy days or seeking for the what  future holds for me mood, you might have  browsed some horoscope sites. and the worst part is when i come across something which reads
 "Jupiter’s  arrival in your fourth house this week through the next twelve months. Both Monday’s solar eclipse and the presence of Mercury in your third house."
 What the hell is that now?  Oh it does not end there, it goes on with mercurcy retrograde and the terms which i cant even spell.  What house, what is mercury to do with me?  Ahh may be it has to do with the colored rings people wear or necklaces sold on TV shows.
Common guys, is that so hard to translate these planetary influences in raw english that i can understand? After all. how much does it take to make people feel good with some illusions? 

 Does it have to  be so complicated?  So you have 12 sun signs and there are moon signs too.  So how does that work, twelve signs but don't we have just 9 planets( considering pluto) to go with? Did these planets have buy one get 50% off deal with the horoscope pundits? Then again there is Chinese astrology with other elements.  Wonder, these planets know if they have been blamed for the evils around, for just spinning around or moving in just a neighbouring space. Poor  Rahu and ketu , would be praying hard people leave them alone or if they had options to change names.  

Think of it, 
12 signs in horoscope
12 hours in clock
12 months in year
and the funny thing is you can have just one of each. ;) Cost Cutting is not new you see. 

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  1. I think it was Confucius who said, " It is difficult to forecast, especially with regard to your future. "


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