12 July, 2011

Come away with me II

This week, well you might say its just Tuesday. So you can imagine how occupied I have been that i can't wait for sunday to come.  Sundays make me nostalgic and what not :) Its surely time to get some more banked Zzzzz's  which makes one of the most important factor in my ABC ( Z is ABC Wednesdays letter this week, btw).  That reminds me of the pic I mentioned in earlier post  of come away with me.
So, here is why, I found it amusing. Notice the description at the beginning of the video.
Common link between the pic and Video remains vermilion and wake(awake if you please) man
Also,  there is unusual numerical significance to the sign.
Cosine of 60(degree) = 1/2


  1. sleep is so important to our health!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. @roger: Glad to see you here :).

  3. Thanks for your visit! I wish a lot of happy Zzzzzz this week!

  4. :) nblog hopped to yours! and am following you now, so will keep coming back for more

  5. @Reader Wil: Thanks.
    @Raam Pyari: Glad to have you as my follower. You are most welcome.

  6. Hey,

    It seems that you are working too much. You need a break.

    I was kind of wondering wheather i should praise you on your creativity or laugh at your theory of relativity...

    But No offence...you are among those few who can think different and relate it differently. Specially when you saw 1/2 ..you compared it with Cosine 60 degree. That is amazing....

  7. @dishant:
    Good to see here again. Well, i guess you praised and you may laugh too. (to share the secret it was meant to be laughed specially with the video, you were right there!!!)
    Appreciate the kind words.

    A few years ago probably 2006, i landed on www.dishant.com while i googled for my name ;) so seeing you (ofcrse, i mean the name)make my eyes wide open and lips widen into concavity- cheers to relativity!!!

  8. ohhh well, i didn't know at all that i am holding such a wonderful sites which is full of music... thanks for sharing.. :):)

    Hereby, i can guage that your relatvitiy is beyond my imagination. I am sure Mr Newton's theory will have full competition these days, as you are ready to write a new one.

    Btw i read your old blogs, some are really interesting. :)

    But home come you end up in my blog. Again you were searching for your name on Google..just a curious to know :) :) :)

  9. @dishant: Now that was a bit of exaggeration (humour relies on frequencies to be understood ;))
    I believe landed on your blog while blog stalking stupidosaur's posts.

  10. Good thing the husband woke up from his Zzzzz.... :-D

  11. @Francisca: Enjoy the weekend!

  12. thaNKs for dropping by my entry....:) followed your blog!

  13. @dhemz: Welcome to my space.

  14. Dishita,

    You revealed secret of defying death by a husband.

    Take care


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