11 September, 2011


The date capable of bringing mystery, thrill and trembles all by itself. Numbers have always fascinated me. 
Yet, took endless mourning poems, and sadist letters and not to mention the ever zealous media for waking me up to this day, and rewinding myself 10yrs ago. Do you remember where you were on 9.11.2001?
 I was in my 8th grade high school in Gujarat in a history class when we received the news. Around that year of time, we were immuned to havoc like earthquake and floods to the brim that this incident was just a icing on cake. Everyone had weird look on their face, some grinning and some whining. I believe, i was just happy to end the school day earlier than normal. Not that i do not feel the grief of such grave situations but think of it how many die each day, why make such a fuss for one incident? Again the pointless trend of setting monuments in memory of the incident.  Wait a minute, aren't we suppose to forget the bad happenings or keep holding them forever??? And we all know what happens to such monuments down the years, then why? Do we even realize how many people loose their lives in army, navy, airforce, in road accidents, train hustles, trivial fights, temple lines and not to mention religious/political propaganda? 

Coincidentally, it happens to be Anant Chaturdashi today in India. Again major ocassion of pomp and threat. We see newspapers flooded with pictures of idols floating on the sea surface, the dirt of flowers and incense sticks all over. Every year new rules are set by government to prevent the water pollution but aren't we smart enough to bend the rules. Have we considered the nussiance we create on roads due to slow traffic while doing the Nashik dhol dance (its no less than wedding dance), noise pollution due to loud speakers, and hustles of people all over the locality. There are so many who get stumbled due to this every year.  Sadly, no one even comes to know about these. Aren't those people prey of human violence/terrorism too? 

And since we are on numbers. Do you notice 9.11 in the date 9.11.11? 
911 is local access number for police and 011 is international code for dialing in USA.
Didn't i mention the date has mystery in it :) 

Stay safe and blessed people.


  1. ".... but think of it how many die each day, why make such a fuss for one incident?"

    My thoughts EGGXACTLY! lol....
    ppl are idiots.

  2. Numerology is painful.
    Human mind tries to see pattern in everything, kind of tries to connect from A to B. Sometimes there sure is a pattern, and we call it science, and sometimes we see a pattern when there is none, and that is what we refer to as superstition.

  3. PP: I know i could count on ya.
    xyz: True. Well in this case, it is neither :)

  4. I CAN'T believe you found something mysterious about THIS date TOO!! I am amazed by how you go about it. I really am. :-)

  5. Zeba, where do i begin, hehehe. Too much of time on hand and itch to connect things, would that help?

  6. L2C,

    Realistic post.

    Take care

  7. Jack: Reality isn't that pretty first hand.

  8. I like the way you slap..and that makes two of us..This post definitely reflects my feelings..

    1. I am glad you can find the pun/slap in post.


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