16 September, 2011

Dhinchak Dhinchak

How, what and why are you upto something people?
-Don't bother to respond, JK :)

Wondering whats with the title?
Ahh, that's how i respond to few friends when asked how are you doing.
                                                                                                            -Its okay, brilliant mind, you see

Music makes my life run smooth no matter what time of the day/night.  People who have meet me or known me , have barely seen my ears without headphones plugged in. This habit has become a reason of threat for me at present. My current rommies are so desperate to see me getting involved with their chit chat, that they have threatened kicking me out of apartment if they ever found me in  similiar situation in their presence.  Who  says we have democracy in this country?
                                                                               -Sad life...

Have you ever been stung by the song your fellow roomie, friend, colleague, or xyz (oh, not you ;)) has been humming? Next thing you find yourself doing is humming to that song. And for the rest of day/evening you blame that person for bringing that song to your lips.
                                                                            -Happens to me a lot of times.

Today, i woke up to the  song.  I guess, music couldn't resist coming to me too. Last week, a friend of mine and I were discussing about the effects of music in our lives and this just happens to be one. Did you ever wake up thinking of some song and you were just engrossed humming it for the rest of the day?
-Don't rem this song? Shame, shame, shame......

Took me quite a while to find the song, because all i remembered was teri nani mari toh mein kya karu.
 If you think, i can sing any song, you are highly mistaken. I lost that skill ,since i was released from high school torture of reciting poems. I can barely remember more than 2 lines of a song.
-Life is short, why carry burden?

On that note here is my radio playing  Hot Chelle Rae:
You got me singing like
Woah, come on, ohh, it doesn’t matter, woah, everybody now, ohh
Just don’t stop let’s keep the beat pumpin’
Keep the beat up, lets drop the beat down
It’s my party dance if I want to
We can get crazy let it all out


  1. :D Awesome...you woke up to mei toh raaste se jaa raha tha bhel puri khaa raha tha...

  2. @SW: That song, don;t even ask, what it did to me. Made me want for bhelpuri so badly, apart from rolling eyes from my roomies.

  3. I can totally understand the "perpetual headphone stuck in my head" picture... Although none of the Govinda songs managed to move me ever. :-)

  4. mgeek: Oh common! you don't have to lie. How come you didn't shake yr limbs at this song? Shame, shame, shame :P

    Glad to see you here.

  5. Hi,

    Totally different post... how did you get such ideas which are totally different..??

  6. Dishant: I guess i take randomness too seriously.
    Why don't you pen down something, been a while you did.

  7. L2C,


    Take care


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