16 November, 2011

Love, GoodBye

Have you come across these songs?

  1. How do you say goodbye-Sophie Zelmani
  2. Kaise Kahe Alvida-Javed Ali

Lovely, touching songs, though if translated would mean the same :), talk of copyrights!!!
But who cares, for now i take the relief to hear them for soothing me to dreamland. 
How sad na, love and goodbyes go hand in hand.

Oh, did i mention I am in Love??? 
I am in love with the music pillow.
My roomie offered me this lovely melodious pillow, in which i can plug my mp3/cellphone and visit my dreamland. 

My Love #3

Good Bye reminds me, I am about to wave my hand to Connecticut pretty soon, relocation as they call it.
Its so strange to feel at home at a new place and feel heavy while leaving it. Sadly, you only realize you were in love until its time to loosen the strings and wave good byes.

Trust me, I have been missing for a reason :)


  1. Try "Your Hand in Mine" by Explosions In The Sky. You will love it...

  2. Melodious pillow..sounds good! Music does this to me too. I go in some other land when I put on my ear phones.

  3. L2C,

    Read 2 posts now. Thanks for yum yum tip. One does have apprehensions on coming to a new place but over a time it grown on one and while leaving for another place a lot of memories flood the mind. I am sure you will settle down at new location soon. Please do tell why were you missing?

    Take care

  4. Mgeek: On my mp3 list :), thanks for the suggestion.

    Vinati: Surely, music has its enchanted powers.

    Jack: Well, job search has been a major reason apart from travelling and visiting friends and family.

  5. These days the probability of an electronic device betraying your trust is much lesser than a human doing the same.
    Your love for the pillow, and mine for my alienware is perfectly valid.

  6. xyz: I am glad you are still alive and kicking :)

  7. Seems like there a lot of people who are in love with life. Enjoying each and every moment. Nowadays wherever I go, I get this home feeling. Tc.

    Oh dear, can you remove this word verification! I hate it :(

  8. Randeep: u shud always lov yr life.

    word verification, oh common! we don't have place for hate here.


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