11 December, 2014

Ek chote se Daftaar ki Naukri hain

This morning a friend of mine called me.
Listening to my tone,
He asked:  Why are you not awake at this hour? Aren't you suppose to go to work?
My answer: No. I do not feel like working today.
Him: Sheepish smile.
My take on it: Life goes on.

I have strongly felt this and i have taken due liberty to choose when to go to work or not in recent year or two. Well, most of the days. Who does not love bread :)
The reason could be as silly as its too early to wake up today, its a busy day at work, its a lazy day at work , its raining, its snowing, its sunny, its windy, or my body is soar, etc...
That's a Risky and Crazy idea?
Sure, ya!
Do i advocate it to others ?
Well, Nope.  Walnuts are healthy they advise. Since, you got your walnut sized brain, use it to your advantage.

Being a part of health care unit, we are advised: If you are sick, stay home. Do not make others sick!
So, why not do so when you are mentally sick? Think of it, when you go unhappy to work, you spread that unhappy vibe around you to fellow colleagues in some way or other.  We all get sick of what we are doing after a time, no matter how much passionate you are doing what you do.
And of course its all about me!
So, i take pride to say i have saved the world by not making them sick :))

My reasoning is listen to your inner self sometimes, if your body is not ready, do not push it.
Ya, ya, i know, Will is difficult to exercise and you can push your body in either direction. But Why?
Its okay, to not work and sleep or gaze at sky. You would never know how a busy work day feels like not working if you never say no. A beautiful sunny day or rainy day would just be an expression unless you go and live it.  With our modern pace, we try to exert so much to an extent of keeping ourselves unhappy and others around us unhappy.  I have seen a lot of my friends working those extra hours for few perks at the cost of family time or a good night sleep.  I guess it works for them. I refuse to give in that rat race of making $$$.  Of course, i have the liberty to do so by god's grace and other times i turn off the logical switch of my walnut and choose to be ignorant :)

How often does world stop when you refuse to put that extra effort for that day?
Yes, it would be little stressful for people you work with to do your share, but hell ya! They will suck it up. Just as you do when they do not show up uncalled for.
And if you give me the shit that it would work against your accountability at work, then my friend, I am so sorry. Those people whom you work for or with, do not know your worth and hence, your time and energy are not worth for them. As simple as it is.

A Smile once a while goes a mile.
Toil always brings turmoil.
I often see the phrase coined "That's all it takes"
Nope, its much more than that!
Its a Burning Desire,
Unquestionable Faith,
and An Infectious Comfort,
to Be what It takes!


  1. how are ya..?? Good to see you. What else i can comment on this post, just that i love the last paragraph..!!

    1. Hi Dishant!
      It is indeed pleasant to see a familiar face here as well.
      I am doing great.
      Thank you for the support over the years.
      Happy New Year!


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