24 June, 2011


IT is the buzz word of the town. 
If i understand right, buzz means an alert, a shout to wake or alert people.
Ironically, once you sink in the Vacuum of IT world, the farther you  wanna get away from it. 
Even though you might scream for space, it would be deciphered by "Google" as Yah(an)- hoo(n).
 Now, since it has managed to get the connection on "CLOUD" and you have already plunged into the deep well, where is the escape button?
 For my IT friends "Singing Up in air, down in the well" say aye ooo .
  Happy Sailing, oops flying !!! 

PS: I was inspired to challenge myself with Thursday Tales.


  1. Zeba, Solitary Writer: Glad to see your :)'s.

  2. Buzz also means buzz as in "Buzz off Bozo!"

    IT sucks.(and I am speaking from its esophagus :P)

  3. @stupidosaur: Our everyday life is full of satire. I would suggest two things to ease your agony,
    1. Booze while you buzz
    2. Open the windows, get some fresh air.
    :P, booze turns monday blues away, and sadly people who created WINDOWS forgot to use them :)))

    And just to rub your bum,
    vacuum would suck, after all we aim for filling ourselves.
    Don't we misinterpret Satiation as Perfection.
    Just for you again: singing up in the air, down in the well! Aye ooo ...

  4. I don't have a life, but I let my liver have one. Because if driver should be allowed to drive, I suppose liver should be allowed to live.

  5. @stupidosaur: I like the analogy.


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