31 December, 2014

Be-Lie-f's- the Maan-Ya-taa!!

I often come across this crap of so called "belief- maanyataa".
Notice the word belief has lie in it???
Maano ya na maano = Maanyataa. (There I said :), not really!)
Ignorance is bliss but going out with half glass full leaves you more dangerous than a pyscho killer.
For once and all, i will like to sort this out.

NB: Thank you Vinati for the blackout trick.

They say, "A way to a Man's heart is through his stomach (good food)"
what they forgot to tell you in 21st century is " In order to bring that good food on table, you will have to earn it "
So, women out there, follow your passion and chase your dreams.
Rolling pin (belan) will roll anyways, there is a reason it is called rolling ;)

They say, "Love marriage has better chance of survival than arrange marriage or vice-verse"
what they forgot to tell you is "Whether you buy clothes from branded shop or local store, the probability of them shrinking or sustaining color will depend on which cycle you choose to load it in washing machine." [Yes, i am comparing marriages with shopping].
Remember, God never created "Branded" man or woman.
If marriages fail, its solely the responsibility of the individuals involved.

They say, "Manglik  person has fierce energy and will bring disputes/conflicts possibly leading to death"
what they forgot to tell you is, Its the drive "for more"(mang = ask)  and if it was so anuaspicious why would our oldies say "mangalmay ho!"
 Let me tell you a secret, a manglik person has unusual sex drive too.  Now, at-least,  i haven't heard or read, a person died due to having sex :)) If you did, let me know. 
Think of color Red, It is associated to Mars (mangal), people may adore it or fear its boldness; so goes for manglik people. Disputes occur because people by default resist change and discomfort.

Its time for new year. So, lets put end to these crappy beliefs and march for fresh start!
 Happy New Year! May you achieve new heights!


  1. ha ha ha.. nice post.. It shows person's irritation when it finds each and every way to argue others ..may be by breaking words or translating into hindi/english or any possible language..

    Enjoy this whole scenario or part of life and may be understand your situations/mind/thinking, because you can guess it..!! Di-Shi-Ta

    1. I just breathed a moment of relief when you did not break my name as Di-Shit-A :)


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