26 July, 2011

Bang Bang

A very thoughtful start of the B week at ABC wednesday with tribute to the incident in Norway.

So, I was thinking, what to post for letter B this week. And as i visit one of my friend's little Baby, i came across the toy which sings the nursery rhymes and i hear the famous rhyme old mcdonald had a farm.  That reminded me of  Britain's got talent participant Erick Reid's version of this rhyme. So he goes with a baaa- baaa - baaa, baa here, baa there, everywhere baa baa. Makes me go Boy-o- Boy.  Do check out his version, which has surely revolutionized the rhyme recitals and baffled all the listeners.

Image Link
Interestingly,  Gujarati which is my native language, Ba refers to grandma. Often one of my friend refers to his elderly office colleague as Ba, and i get puzzle over which Ba he refers to as he stays as a paying guest to an elderly couple (Ba-dada which means grandma-grandpa). More often a toddler whispers Ba as the first word.  Baba in Hindi would mean a saint, little boy or father. Also, "ba-ba" refers to goodbye or outing in toddlers language.

Well, that's all the Blah blah I have for now. Until then Buh-Bye (read ba-ba).

PS: Gujarati and Hindi are one of the many languages spoken in India.


  1. Laughing...what a lovely post!

    Mine's not quite so entertaining...
    Blissful Memories

  2. Wonderful interpretations of same word in different languages.

  3. very clever essay on language.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. that was a sweet post! lovely take on the theme!

  5. "B"rilliant !!

    Pheno, ABC Wednesday Team

  6. Baa-baa is much better than bang-bang :-) And it is with our toddlers we will keep our hope.

    Thank you so much for your kind words comment. It was much appreciated.

  7. Hey Dikshita, I have tagged you in my latest post. Do check it out. :)


  8. I really enjoyed your post, particularly Edward Reid. It made me see nursery rhymes in a very different light! Thank you.

  9. What a wonderful post for B Day. I listened to the video of Mr. Reid. Loved it. Ba by for now.

    Thanks for your visit to my blog.

  10. Dishita,

    Nice way to keep one captivated to read this.

    Take care

  11. Glad everyone enjoyed it.
    @Vinati: My name is dishita, for the tags I will look into it.

  12. Oh I'm sorry!
    Correction made. :)

  13. thank you vinati. Working on the tag.

  14. how eagerly i am waiting to read your tag and you are tagged on my post too...havent mentioned you but would love it if you take that tag..

    Toddlers say ba ba for bye bye :D (: wow (:


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