01 July, 2015

Trips down memory lane

This has been a phenomenal summer for me!
If you look at the map, you will see, why I call it phenomenal. Traveling in 8 states in 3 months
covering all four directions from TN and catching up with friends and family is something, i will cherish rest of my year.

Early march, my boss walked up to me with empty calendar template and asked me to fill
3weeks of time off that had been recurred which i had to finish before July 1st. (for people who think i just laze around at work , see this is a proof i am a hard worker :))- peace for once and all !!!
Yes, like most of you reading this, i was over joyed to hear one month of no work.
But, what could i do of those?
First thoughtless thought was to visit home in India which my father very politely denied.
So, i scrolled through my notes of "someday i will visit these places" and looked at it.
I looked again and few places struck out. Bang! Easy enough?
Naah, so how much $ would i need for this. Everyone loves to travel, i mean who would not like to go to places, and eat fancy cuisines?
Often, when we have vacation, we do not have budget;
and when we have budget, we do not have enough time off.
It took me little time to see where i could compromise: on experience or savings.
Answer was very simple and clear- savings.
When else would i get such paid time off and not have things to do?
Money, aint it haath ka mel anyways?
We are going to wash the mel one day or other, so why not now?

So, i checked off new place (Savannah,GA) from my list for one week.
Being single has its own advantages, you pack and go next day, no questions , no fuss.
By end of that trip, i knew where i wanted to go next (Dayton,OH & Chicago,IL).
And planning had to be done on the same day i returned, because the zeal is still
there. Otherwise you would loose it.
Since, i had checked a new place for first week. I wanted to check people.
People whom i had kept waiting and wanting, people whom i was waiting
and wanting to see for  years. Next two trips (San Diego,CA & Maine) came out as pleasant surprises as it combined people and places for me.

From my trips i gathered, how my craziness helped lighten up environment or help people break ice.
I also figured, capturing some moments in pictures and reviewing them was such a joy. Yes, it might irk some if you go overboard. Be careful there.

When i used to spend my spring and summer holidays at family members,
I used to think, its not a vacation.
But, for those few hours or day,
if you do not have to think about how you will reach so and so place,
where you will eat, what you will cook, weather you have milk in fridge or gas in car,
that my friend is what vacation feels like.
I feel deeply humbled when i get greeted by friends and family with love and care.
Its the comfort that you feel through the warmth of their touch and simple gestures.
It takes effort and time on their end to make you feel comfortable.
We often ignore this fact because it comes easy to us.
In return show them your gratitude and appreciation by sharing something that they do not have.

One thing i have truly believed is to share the experience.
If you have one quality that others do not, share it.
It may be introducing an app on phone, a new website, burning a CD,  just listening to them , hugging them, offering words of encouragement, appreciating their efforts, taking a picture- do it and bring a smile.
If it makes them feel good about themselves or see themselves in different light, its all worth.
The content and smile you can bring is priceless by such little acts.
Bring a smile not to their faces but their hearts.

Its my effort to uplift moods and give expression to feelings of people through my writings and pictures.
This is one reason most of you would have seen me more expressive on social media in past few days than ever before.

I hope you have wonderful summer too!

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