21 February, 2011

Bollywood movies in 80's

Running through the list below: all that comes to my mind is bollywood romance in 80’s.
  •  Sarso ke khet: Geez! I have not yet figured out what has running from two ends to do with romance. Is it the farther you come from the more impact it has or is it because you paid $$  to move around the khet that you don’t wanna leave a single end?
  • Scenic views in songs: If you have seen yash chopra’s movie, you would have seen all the mountains, valleys, tress surrounding the actor-actress in a scene.  How the tourist industry would have developed in Switzerland, Tokyo, Russia without bollywood  movies promoting them.
  • Bridal lift: Now this one is romantic. But imagine the pressure it built upon the newlyweds or couples to imitate it.  I mean if the girl is light weighted, the boy is safe but if not god bless his back.
  • Moon: Remember, the actor sitting by the window and comparing the actress’s face with moon on first night scenes and next thing you see is rising sun with them awake in bed.  As a kid I always wonder what was the connection between them?  
  • Bush dances: Remember, when actor and actress began to kiss or came close to each other?  You can’t miss that one for sure if you have seen any romantic 80’s bollywood movie.  With the western world influence on bollywood today, that sight is rare. But, didn’t you once think why those bushes came closer or buds bloomed when they kissed? 
    Yes, its hilarious and we all laugh about it in retrospect but there is more to it than just fun.  So far I have never seen such creativity and imagination in western/asian movies and ads as found in Indian movies and ads.

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