28 March, 2016

Atrangi Yaari

O Dear,

Though far, you came close to my heart.
Without fail, I would recall you.
And, I am sure, 
you would be remembering me,
more than I think, you do.
I understand, in the race and rush of life,
you are waiting for that free moment,
where you can pour your heart out to me.
But, what to do? 
Today, my restlessness has taken over my thoughtfulness.

No matter how much I might relish a dish of my choice,
I do have to spit the unexpected stone out, na?
For, I have learned,
Painting empty walls and echoing them with laughter does not make a home;
So, does a needy and warranting relation doesn't form a loving bond.

You were not something I really needed,
You were not something I really wanted,
I, however, really valued you, as Air.
But then, it would be a shame on me as Biomedical Engineer na,
if i do not trust the effectiveness of LifeSupport devices?
Today, I release you from the burden of finding that respect and time for me.

~Satirically Yours
But you can say baby,
Baby can I hold you tonight,
Maybe if I told you the right words,
   At the right time you'd be mine.         

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