21 May, 2011

Beat the Bush

Don't beat the bush says the english teacher at school, your boss at work and your friends at bar.
If you follow this advice, my friend, you are missing the golden chance of earning money.
 I challenge you beat president Bush in earning $15 million for speaking. 
Don't believe me right? 
Follow this: George W. Bush racks up $15 million in speaking fees - Yahoo! News.
I mean really? Presidents need to be paid for giving speeches to countrymen -Sigh!!!
Now, this is how presidents make six figure income and then we talk of recession and unemployment in the country.


  1. Yeah thats an obscene amount to talk about various messes he made (thats the general impression, I don't know a lot about politics).

    I think that is why someone ddecided to beat the Bush...with a shoe ;)

  2. @stupidosaur: Beat Him!!! ;)


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